Cooking for Cancer 2014: Mexican Cuisine for a Cause

LA JOLLA - On Monday, May 19th, 2014, Finch's Wine Bar and Bistro in La Jolla, California will open their kitchen to six world-renowned executive chefs who will prepare six courses of contemporary Mexican cuisine. The courses will be accompanied by the delicious wines of Baja California's Valle de Guadalupe. To put this in context, these six internationally-trained chefs coming together to prepare their best Mexican dishes with the best Mexican wine is kind of like Top Chef Masters...on steroids! El Gringo has indulged in a bit of Mexican cuisine in the past year, and the current culinary scene both in Baja California and throughout Mexico is HOTTER than a Serrano chili!

Cooking for Cancer, Contemporary Mexican Cuisine, La Jolla, California The best contemporary Mexican chefs will prepare six courses of delicious food! Photo

Cooking for Cancer is being held in support of Moore’s Cancer Center Healing Foods Kitchen at UCSD, run by Susan Faerber. Supported solely by donations, her cooking classes teach cancer survivors to cook healthfully and are free to all participants. The dinner also honors host chef Mario Medina’s wife, Amalia Medina, who is a recent cancer survivor.

Cooking for Cancer, Mexican Cuisine, La Jolla, California

Cooking for Cancer…Cuisine for a Cause! Try out the hottest Mexican Cuisine in the region right now!

The six chefs preparing your meal are:

  • Martin San Roman (San Roman Catering)
  • Martin Gonzalez (Aqua al d Due & Toast Enoteca)
  • Flor Franco (Encuentro Guadalupe & Indulge Cuisine)
  • Damasso Lee (Chateau La Jolla)
  • Fernanda Piembert (Sam The Cooking Guy)
  • Mario Medina (Finch’s Wine Bar & Bistro)

El Gringo accompanied Chef Martin San Roman last year to the World Forum on Mexican Gastronomy in Acapulco, and I’ve enjoyed his food at Whole Foods Market in Hillcrest as well as at Dobson’s Bar and Restaurant in San Diego. Knowing that the other five chefs are up to his mettle, this promises to be one of the best meals you’ve ever had!

Cooking for Cancer, Mexican Cuisine, La Jolla, California

You’ve heard about the new Mexican Cuisine. Now try it and contribute to a great cause!

Baja’s Valle de Guadalupe has been called “The Napa of Mexico”, and is renowned for its wines all across Mexico. Baja wines are just now starting to be discovered here in the states and seem to be catching fire. The four winemakers and vineyards represented at Cooking for Cancer are:

  • Noel Téllez (Ulloa)
  • Alvaro Álvarez (AlXimia)
  • Paolo Paoloni (Villa Montefiori)
  • Hans Backhoff (Monte Xanic)
L.A. Cetto, Valle de Guadalupe

Wines from Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California will be served at the dinner.

Finch's Wine Bar & Bistro, La Jolla, CaliforniaThe venue, Finch’s Bistro & Wine Bar, is known not only for its unique delicious food and wine, but also for their support of causes in which they believe. “As a local’s meeting spot and eatery we consider ourselves more than ‘just a restaurant,’” says Linda Ravden, the active partner in this family run bistro. Ravden has positioned Finch’s as an intrinsic part of the local community, and offers many weekly programs there like Monday evening’s Wine 101, Wednesday’s lunchtime Woman’s Wag, and Fashion Fridays – which partners with local boutiques and supports My Girlfriend’s Closet – among others.

There will be two dinner seatings – at 5pm and 8pm. Finch’s Wine Bar & Bistro is located at 7644 Girard Avenue, La Jolla, CA. El Gringo will be at the 5pm seating to report on the event if you’d like to say “Hola” and share a sip of vino…and what’s sure to be some fantastic food!

Your Gringo in Mexico,

For more information please contact Linda Ravden at 858-456-4056 or at For reservations please go to

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